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Martin, my husband and second shooter, and myself in Hawaii. We enjoy travelling and adventures! We love laughter and making memories, weightlifting and running, music and movies, children and acting goofy.


Aimee's work has been seen in publications from Wedding Magazines to the gracing pages of leading Canadian Environmental Publications. Aimee has been educated at Conestoga College for Photography, is an avid learner of new courses and ideas, and has a wide span of photo knowledge. She has received raving reviews for her unique ways to print images, as well as the creative style she consistently portrays in her photos. Aimee lives with her husband, 2 daughters, and double doodle. She eats too much chocolate, enjoys a variety of music and dancing, she loves to run and work- out, and finds joy in travelling and so much more.

My husband stood in front of me and simply stated that I must " go for it"! He then took my hand and continued saying "You take amazing pictures, you are educated in photography, you have a freaking go show the world".
I will never forget those words.

I had my first paying client in 2010 and I haven't looked back since. When someone asks me what I do for a living I tell them "I create heirlooms, works of art, I have big dreams, crazy ideas and I love seeing them come to life".
My eyes have witnessed some of the most incredible scenes through my lens! I have caught glimpses of breathtaking moments that happen only once and have been a bystander to future possibilities. I am honoured to have captured and been entrusted with life's treasures. I am truly blessed for the life I have.

Our style can be described as romantic, fun, editorial and natural. We will take your images from the planning stage all the way through to the final result, and all the while telling YOUR unique story. We want you to have fun and at the same time feel comfortable knowing that we will capture your story the way you want it told.
At Pure Photography, we know when to be your photographer, when to call the wedding planner or be the wedding planner. We know how to keep the schedule going or sit back and relax if you need to change the schedule. We know how to listen and help and we also know how to sit on the sidelines and not be seen or heard. We know photography and the other things to help you out (such as carrying bobby pins and towels for the mishaps....and yes every baby has pooped or puked on us, no worries)! It is our job to be photographers and more, and we love it.
At Pure Photography, we will work with your other vendors ahead of time for your event, if desired, we can recommend specific vendors. We offer free services we believe are important, as an example, a free engagement session with a wedding package. This helps us to get to know your photographic side, and be prepped for the wedding. The engagement session can be great fun and all couples say that they are so thankful for that session, as they feel more comfortable when their wedding day arrives. We also offer a second shooter at no extra cost when booking a wedding.
At Pure Photography we want you to leave the work to us. We want you to know that you don't have to give this part another thought (other than the excitement of amazing images coming your way....)! Our joy is in telling your story, by getting to know you, working with you, and all of the fun that comes with that. Every photograph has a story, so let us tell yours!
Photographs are our history and our future!
Pure Life, Pure Images.

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